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We'd love to make everything free... 
No really! However if we do, we will not survive long and let alone stand provide a valuable and professional service our members expect.

Everything we are we thank to contributions of our supporters. 
Some help us in services, others with donations and others in advice and time. The inherent point is that providing continuing development of services maintaining this portal and ensuring forward motion on our various projects, costs approx. 800 - 1000$ / month. There's many ways to get involved not only financially, join one of our project teams, open a regional representation; just to name a few.

Yearly Subscriptions

Below memberships support our daily work, we work for the future benefit of all professional divers. 
Please support us, so we can support you and your business in the future
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  • Business Membership 1 year
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There will always be free access to our basic services for professionals worldwide, we are a community after all! We are here to help eachother if we can. Vis Unita Fortior - Strength in Unity.