My commitment for 2021, and beyond

Following our mission statement, volunteers and employee's of the IADP work on a multitude of projects.The Year 2021, while still in under global pandemic, that began in 2020; brings its challenges, not only for our team; but also for professional divers worldwide.We aim to take this respite, as a unique occasion to spearhead a long overdue evoluti...
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Staffing / Volunteers

The I.A.D.P is currently seeking, motivated individuals.

Some of the below mentioned positions are/will be on a voluntary basis, however with benefits in natura.
Other positions will be on a no cure no pay basis, for a few months until we progress to the next stage.

All successful applicants will be expected to have a certain minimum dedicated time per week, at disposition for the projects they are assigned to. All jobs can be done in your own time, and location; as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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Volunteer(s) Needed

The I.A.D.P TEAM is recruiting volunteers worldwide to strengthen our team of currently 9 volunteers, and our non profit project(s).
2020 marks the development of the I.A.D.P as a legalized structure (Euro Zone).

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Come to think about it...

Come to think of it, it's really unthinkable that in 2019, an industry such as ours which turns over billions of dollars in profit, led by a handful of nameless investment funds; does not have an official representation amongst the largest echelons of it's workforce and businesses. We are, particularly when we talk about professional divers in the ...
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