Let's Go Blu3 Now.

From the North Sea to the Red Sea, let's Go Blu3!
Dive professionals are the Ocean's front line workers. Without the necessary support, communities, professionals and businesses struggle to harness their seas' potential for cleaner energy, food, and sustainable development.
Healthier and more productive seas drive the creation of better job prospects for pro divers, and their coastal communities in the future, while adressing the impacts of climate change and marine biodiversity loss.

"People Protect what they Value" 

Operation Red Sea

Operation Red Sea logoThe I.A.D.P.'s marine biodiversity restoration mission, #OPREDSEA, was launched as a pilot project in the Red Sea in 2021. Our Mission: research, safeguard and sustainably develop the Red Sea for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities. This initiative tested the implementation of the the GoBlu3 principles, M.A.E.R.C, and Vault conceptual plans, which were developed over the past few decades in collaboration with various consultants, professionals, and I.A.D.P. volunteers

I.A.D.P V2 Engaged!

We are also committed to supporting our members through various initiatives. Some of our key projects are the relaunch of IN-DEPTH.NEWS our E-Magazine, and our public portal THEDIVEPROFESSIONAL.ORG in the fall of 2024. The renewed members portal will not only enhance the features our community appreciated in previous versions but also introduce numerous unique new features and services designed to enrich the experience for our members and the association as a whole.
Gearing up towards our first general elections planned in 2025.

Join Our Team of Dedicated Volunteers!

Continents and Oceans apart, we come together to make a difference. While some of our volunteers work on project locations, others work on impactful projects from the comfort of their own homes, needing only access to a web browser. Our global management infrastructure is collaborative, inclusive and transparent. Your unique contributions can help us achieve our mission. Become a part of our dedicated team today and make a positive impact on the diving industry and the world's oceans.