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"People protect what they love and society values that which it can monetize."

GoBlu3 rethinks conservation and safeguarding of natural resources, for the benefit of nature and the coastal communities that rely on it.

The urgency to act on the dire reports emerging from the world's oceans has never been greater. Traditional conservation efforts over the past 70 years are failing to meet their objectives. GoBlu3 offers a renewed approach to conservation and sustainable development by re-evaluating our marine resources and the ways we monitor and manage them.

Reconnecting with the sea means inspiring more people about the potential of our coastal regions and fostering a new generation of innovative coastal and marine businesses. GoBlu3 empowers communities to set local priorities, value their greatest assets, and revitalize their shorelines.

Without necessary support, communities and businesses struggle to harness the sea's abundant potential for cleaner energy, food, and sustainable development. Insufficient resources discourage local authorities from innovating to protect homes and businesses from climate change.

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"Somewhere along the way, we lost something very important: our belief in the Sea as a source of prosperity."

Further emulating an original quote from Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau: "People protect what they love."
After years of research on the ground, we have concluded that people protect what they love and society values that which it can monetize.

Healthier and more productive seas can drive the creation of better jobs in the future. By focusing on innovation and increasing investment in coastal expertise and capacity, we can support more jobs, address food shortages, and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. GoBlu3 promotes regional stewardship through the creation of regional alliances comprised of diverse stakeholders, resulting in localized action committees.
We empower dive industry professionals to partake in a green-blue revolution by providing training programs, tools, knowledge, and support for localized action.

Through #OPREDSEA, we have diligently implemented our GoBlu3 values, projects, and programs on the ground.
Since 2021, our I.A.D.P. volunteers have been active on the frontlines; researching, monitoring, and restoring marine biodiversity in several locations around the Red Sea.

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